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Neuville Boats Works offers our clients only the best in high quality custom aluminum vessels. Our building process starts out on our designers table. Everything here is carefully planned out and scrutinized by our design team. In our design phase we take into account all of the customer’s specifications and requirements. With our cutting edge design technology and equipment we can make sure that every project starts out correctly.



Our superior construction techniques allows us to build strong, dependable, high quality vessels. Once in construction phase our experienced craftsman begin to assemble the vessel. Every aspect of the build is closely monitored to ensure everything goes according to plan. All of our vessels are monohull and feature either standard or waterjet propulsion systems.


Engines & Generators:

Powerful, dependable engines are a must in every vessel built by us. We use Cummins diesel engines in either quad (4) or quin (5) configurations which provide our vessels more than enough power and speed. Our vessels also come equipped with (2) Cummins diesel generators. Other power options are also offered.



When it comes to interior furnishings we go the extra mile. All of our vessels come with hand crafted, custom built cabinets and woodwork. All other furnishings are also included such as sinks, toilets, showers, reclining seats, stove, oven, bunk beds, and much more. Other furnishings specified by customer’s requirements will be included.


Controls & Electronics:

State-of-the-art technology at fingertips reach makes for easy handling of our vessels. All necessary controls, guidance and safety systems required by the U.S. Coast Guard are installed. Each piece of equipment will be placed exactly as requested by the customer.


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